Piacemolto® is introduced in 2013 with the object of being placed on the made-to-measure shirts online market as a product of high quality  at an accessible price


However the idea of this initiative began earlier with ourselves captivated by taylormade shirts and their distinctive feature in Italian sartorial tradition,


Eagerness encouraged us to find the means to make high quality shirts - allowing for personal taste - at an affordable price for those, like us, who appreciate correct measurements though not having time or possibility to go to a taylor.


To satisfy our wish to wear made-to-measure shirts, chosen by ourselves, steps were taken in this sense by our firm and in Piacemolto® products


We decided to focus our business just on the medium to high range shirts  and have found the way to

“industrialize” the artisan product to guarantee perfection, high quality, together with rapid delivery


The traditional Italian tailoring ha so moved on to enable the purchase of our models online, by way of latest technology: from taking the measurements to the completion of the article.


Every Piacemolto® article is devised for the needs of each and every one; we are therefore willing to replace something should a customer not be completely satisfied.


As well as shirts we have Italian-made cufflinks and pure silk pochettes hemmed by hand.