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Shirts never have a “holiday”: they can always be worn

Shirts never have a “holiday”: they can always be worn

Summer is here. Are you thinking you won’t be wearing your favourite shirt?  Don’t worry, start thinking what shirts to take to the sea.

Abandon the belief that T-shirts are enough. We are not saying to walk along the shore in a perfectly ironed and buttoned-up shirt. Smartness is always accepted- even at the sea- as long as it is comfortable.

Here we have our suggestions:


Ease is the rule for summer, in the choice of shirt too. 

The most apt shirt for the sea must be easy-fitting, allowing freedom of movement and coolness. To get an ample fit it is as well to choose a plain back or with a cylindrical roll, avoiding tiny pleats or slim-fit.

A shirt in summer can be worn unbuttoned, though without exaggerating. If you really want it completely undone wear a T-shirt underneath, matched up with plain coloured Bermuda shorts( patterned ones only for the youngsters). Sleeves can be turned up to the forearm. An alternative could be a short-sleeved  shirt, maybe more comfortable but certainly not as smart.

You can choose from various collars provided not stiff ones; definitely free choice for Korean collar, the French collar or buttoned-down collar. So that soft and sporty- type collars are to be preferred, just right to be worn without a tie.  


The best materials for summer wear are light poplin or linen often used in the summer for coolness.Typical of summer shirts are the”washed” “worn” materials.

For colours, be inspired by the sea, the various shades of blue.These show up your tan as well as, too, the classic white shirt.

White shirt in poplin with Korean collar

White shirt in poplin with Korean collar

Light colours are to be preferred but, seeing the light-hearted holiday climate, one could opt for stronger colours or even floral or other patterns. Don’t let’s forget that stripes are typical of marine atmosphere so what better occasion to run wild with different coloured stripes?

Gent’s made-to-measure linen shirt

Gent’s made-to-measure linen shirt

Shirt, Bermuda shorts, to complete the outfit you could dare with gents’ sandals, indicated by fashion tendency this year, otherwise the more classic boat shoe or canvas sneakers.

At this point we will say “Enjoy your holiday” or if they are a long way ahead -” Enjoy the weekend at the sea”, we are already well equipped!

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