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A shirt is youthful

A shirt is.youthful

By carefully matching up and  choosing the right details a shirt can change from a basic item of a classic outfit into something distinctive for young people intent on changing look with a new style of life.  

Often you young are attracted more by trend than by fashion…. in fact the tendency of the moment is easy to see; just look around asking oneself why the same words are on your jersey or why hairstyles are very similar. All of us have been through this phase but there comes a time when we can’t carry on wearing jeans and jersey.

Various reasons urge us to change style: embarking into the working world means more formal clothing or otherwise not feeling suitably dressed.

By choosing the right shirt you can easily change your style, feel at ease on formal occasions too and no less young or out of fashion.

Choice of material

A certain amount of Lycra with the popline makes the fabric elastic, soft, light and very comfortable. Elasticized cotton is perfect for formal wear, opting for a looser fit as well as a more adhering slim fit.

 Gent’s elasticized red striped shirt

Gent’s elasticized red striped shirt

For work

A plain coloured shirt is always suitable particularly for formal wear though nowadays even tiny vertical stripes are considered perfect for a classic suit in the office.

A pastel striped shirt on a white base is fine for a smart outfit, and modern too. It can be coupled up with black or dark blue trousers, but should you not be ready for this….jeans are fine (in good order!!!).

Gent’s blue and white striped shirt

Gent’s blue and white striped shirt

Leisure time

Given up T-shirts and sneakers, your new style could be comprised of a checked shirt and a sports jacket. They can be of any size from tiny checks suitable with a classic suit, up to a large check for a typical casual style to go with jeans. The shirt can be tucked in or left out of the trousers; in the first case it is as well to wear a belt that picks up the colour of the shoes (mocassins or sneakers). 

Over the shirt you can wear a sports jacket( plain colour if the shirt is striped!) or perhaps a V-necked soft woolen pullover. A more classic alternative: a grey jacket with plain tie that picks out the colour of the stripes.

A piece of advice:  the shirt should never be worn completely open, just the first two buttons and that of the collar can stay undone so as not to ruin a sense of refinement….

Blue checked elasticized shirt

Blue checked elasticized shirt

For evening wear

Smart but fashionable is the slim-fit shirt. For the evening choose a dark colour, i.e. black or dark blue. Perfect with trousers of different colour, grey in this case.

Ideal combination for summer would be a white shirt  with dark coloured jeans, a contrast of sure effect.

The characteristic of the slim fit shirt is adherence to the body  meaning that the more precise the measurements the more importance your frame will acquire.

SuperSartorial made to emasure shirt - Made in Italy

SuperSartorial made to emasure shirt – Made in Italy

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