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A warm and comfortable fabric for winter shirt

A warm and comfortable fabric for winter shirt

Wanting an impeccable cut though a shirt suitable for cold winter? We recommend twill, a perfect fabric for winter shirts.

Most fabrics used in the making of shirts are suitable for all seasons, but all materials have their own distinctive aspects. Knowing this can be useful in choosing the shirt to our satisfaction.

Twined twill

If you like formal wear but are looking for a shirt just right for winter you can opt for twill

This material is easily recognizable with its thin diagonal lines in relief forming a 45° angle; the weft being the same on the right side or the reverse. The diagonal weave gives the twill a special shine creating highlights on a plain coloured shirt.

At one time was used for nightdresses and men’s underwear. Nowadays it is mainly used for gent’s shirts and for women too.

Tessuto TWILL

Twill fabric


Twill is a heavy resistant fabric, at the same time soft and cosy, mainly made in cotton, but also in wool or silk. It won’t crease, wears well, moves with the body and is above all ideal with a formal outfit.

Herringbone Twill

If you are keen on a sporty style and want a more casual shirt for winter you could choose herringbone twill. This versatile fabric is obtained by inverting in the spinning-  slanting ribs every ½ centimetre, thus giving a zig-zag effect, reminding one of fishbones.This type of fabric is particularly suitable for informal occasions.      


Fabric herringbone Twill

Fabric herringbone Twill


Take a glance at Piacemolto shirts in Twill; there is a large range of shades in plain colours and in checks; in “non-iron” version too.

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