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The right collar for every face

The right shirt collar for every face

You can choose the collar of the the shirt you prefer, though choosing the collar proportionate to the shape of your face and build will result better.

The shirt collar frames the face while helping to make a round face seems thinner, softening a squarish face, or slimming down a full face.

First of all observe the shape of your face and neck through the mirror. Have you decided on the shape of your face? Carry on reading.

For a round face

The Italian collar (straight points) is ideal for “lengthening” a round face. the long narrow points slim down the face and make the neck seem longer. Actually this type of collar is the most suitable to wear with a tie that has a small or medium size knot.   

For an oval face

An oval or long face seems fuller with a wider contour and short open points of the Cutaway collar. This collar is suitable for informal wear and can be worn without a tie, becoming smart when combined with a large knotted tie.  

For a squarish face

A square jaw or a very long neck seem less so by the adjacent points  of the Button-Down collar. Right for casual wear, this collar can be worn either open or closed, even combined with a very narrow tie.

For a wide neck

Open or buttoned up, serious or trendy, the Korean collar is fine for a rather large neck, less so for someone with a longish neck. The collar is very short and can be with or without a button.

For a long face

The most exclusive and elegant collar is the Club collar, originating in England as collar student’s uniform. Those having a long thin face acquire softer features due to the rounded points of the club collar. Not recommended, however, for a person with plump face or a wide neck. This collar goes with a narrow tie or worn open for casual wear.

Have you discovered the right collar for yourself? Watch this short video with a few examples of the collar described.

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